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Fighting off TMA gloom

After completing the ECA for H810 last year I vowed never to do another course.  One of the reasons I put forward to my employers funding H810 was to gain a “current student experience”.  What I hadn’t appreciated was that … Continue reading

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Sticking up for OER (maybe)

One of the things I really wish I’d paid a bit more attention to was an undergraduate module on Statistics. I didn’t get the point of it, thought the lecturer was dull, and reserved my (newly grown up right) not … Continue reading

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Brand Loyalties

When at the supermarket I try really hard no to spend 4 minutes deciding which washing powder to buy. Without brand loyalty I invariably feel the need to compare prices, volumes and costs per wash and it’s stressful! Its much … Continue reading

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Working up to a grrrr

I am not too sure where I have been, but until my current course had not come across a “grrr”.  We’ve not had one for a while but whenever one appears a forum is transformed.  We wave goodbye to the … Continue reading

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Much discussion this week about blogging.  One of the things that surprises me is the diversity of opinion on the value of blogs.  My starting point was “dead useful”  I am really aware that keeping up to date and checking … Continue reading

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It strikes me that we are adept at managing identity.  This week I am predominantly defined as aunty, next week I will be back to employee and ou student. A blog like this presents very little of the rounded me.  … Continue reading

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Family invasion

Hoorah a week off work!  My rather predictable life is temporarily halted with the arrival of my mum, sisinlaw, nieceA and nephewC.  My holiday deficient brother is at his home 300 miles awaya, with the dog.  A number of strange … Continue reading

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