Boundaries and Gaffes

The majority of my working life (apart from the last 3) has involved working outside the academic world of universities. When I started I was told that it would take at least a year to understand fully how things worked. I thought that rather conservative, but it turns out to have been true.

I loved reading Wenger – Learning Meaning and Identity, last year – it spoke lots into my experiences of being part of a community that shared stories (of clients needs met and problems solved) and shared knowledge drawn in from other sources. Working in isolation – cut off from that community is as foolish as a cyclist who won’t deign to join the peleton.

In my previous role with an Assistive Technologies hat my purpose could be defined as being on the boundary between colleagues in disability support and those in IT. Amongst IT colleagues I have amazing knowlege of disability issues, but don’t quite cut the mustard as I’ve never used Powershell. From a Disability Support persective I am awesome with IT, and have a helpful ability to translate what they require into services and contacts in IT that can result in what they want happening. To live effectively on the boundary you need to understand the norms and practices of both communities and muster up a bit of credibility in each.

So, what does this have to do with H800? Actually lots – I can go on a journey to explore learning technologies with a most intelligent group of people who, will in many ways, have similar perspectives to those in my own institution. I can wear my L-plates about technology, learn from a few unintentional gaffes and hopefully eventually take up my place on a new boundary.

Apologies to my course mates -you’ll have me knocked into shape by the end of it all.

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2 Responses to Boundaries and Gaffes

  1. Angela says:

    Hi Nuala, as a member of you H800 group I was very pleased to read your opinion about us! Thank you!!
    Wenger – Learning Meaning and Identity, lit my curiosity.

    • NualaD says:

      Hi Angela…its a good read

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