L Plates

Here’s where I am up to….I’m now 3 months into my new job “Learning Technologist” and a couple of months into H800.  I’ve moved from a role where I was consciously-competent to one where I am “consciously-incompetent” and in terms of the OUing I am trying my best, but haven’t yet worked out referencing on forums. I loved this poke from edtechie.

In my new team I am going through the “new girl” things – handling all the service calls that come in, asking lots of questions of my generally quiet IT colleagues, pilotting mindmapping apps and looking after our HelixMedia Library test server (it feels like a Tamagochi for grown ups.)  I’m also trying not to do anything daft with the scary levels of IT power that I now possess.  For example, after finishing your SQL query on the blackboard server it is good to remember to “logoff” rather than “shut down”!

So, its a season of L plates, of hanging on the back of the Peleton and hopefully getting dragged along enough until I work it out and can begin to take a turn at the front from time to time.

Exhausting though!

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