Spring Cleaning my Stuff

I’ve announced 2011 to be my personal “year of cloud”  with associated aims of:

  • Consolidating my information storage/retrieval
  • Moving things that I want to access to device independent places so that I can get them from my PC at work, my PC at home, my phone and the ipad I will surely buy in the next year

Here’s where I started

  • A load of stuff in Exchange folders
  • A load of stuff in gmail
  • A load of RSS feeds
  • A twitter feed on my phone
  • An igoogle page with a different bunch of feeds

And on the blogging front – I have a WordPress blog (private) for this years reading project. An OU blog that I use for a variety of purposes. A test NCL uni blog that I had set up but don’t use. And to top it all there’s another blog in the eportfolio site that I have access to.

I’m not completely there yet: but i now have RSS and Twitter feeds into Google Reader, so I can browse anywhere – the ones in Outlook are to go. I’m having a jolly good look at OneNote whcih has spawned a number of work, and study notebooks.

And on the blogging front. Since I already have a WordPress Blog and app on the phone I may as well have another one and give up on the OU blogspace. There’s stuff in there that I would like to know I can keep – and though it may be foolish – I feel happier with this out of the VLE.

I’ve completely given up on bookmarking sites in webbrowsers, but may revist Diigo – especially as it has a nice toolbar for Firefox – so I can run this alongside our “institutionally approved browser IE7”.

My only fear at the moment is that I am only one step away from scanning my important documents and banning all paper filing… …that’s going a bit far.

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2 Responses to Spring Cleaning my Stuff

  1. Dave Martin says:

    Hi Nuala
    So if this blog is outside the OU VLE does it count as part of your PLE? And long term how many blogs will you have?
    I currently have just two, the OU one which is dormant, my word press one and in May I will be the guest author blogging on the Hodder History website. But i think these all comfortably fit in different compartments of my working life.

    • NualaD says:

      Dave I agree, these things fit into compartments. I can manage two for the moment, but don’t know if either will survive a year. As for PLE – maybe this is a component along with bookmarks, Google reader stars and the odd notebook – it’s still sounding a bit heavy…hmm

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