Family invasion

Hoorah a week off work!  My rather predictable life is temporarily halted with the arrival of my mum, sisinlaw, nieceA and nephewC.  My holiday deficient brother is at his home 300 miles awaya, with the dog. 

A number of strange things have happened to me since the start of h800 notably the house elves have been slacking and the gym membership has been mothballed.  Todays vigorous hooveringq and tidying provided only a partial aerobic answer.

Another bizzare thing is that I last filled my car with petrol at the start of Feb – it appears that prices have gone up!

Everyone arrived safely, so with slight guilt about this week’s nonparticipation I canvassed some opinions. Sisinlaw is a professional head teacher so what’s her views on shared resources?  In essence “not enough time…its faster to start from scratch than wade through white noise”.  We also touched on Wikipedia being a great source for an 11 year olds project on medieval castles, before nephewc asked about her next project “what are the crusades”,  I became fixated on my fish and chips and left that one to sisinlaw.

As for blogging my fishnchip focus group were noncommital.  The prevalent sentiment was “why would you presume that you had anything interesting to write” we then nullified that by swapping really funny Facebook entries from assorted buddies.

since my potential as a stand-up is limited I concluded that I was writing solely for my three year older self.
Durham tomorrow!

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