It strikes me that we are adept at managing identity.  This week I am predominantly defined as aunty, next week I will be back to employee and ou student.

A blog like this presents very little of the rounded me.  “Would you read your best mates blog?” I asked sisinlaw “no, I know her much better than that”.  That about sums it up, my editorship on the random and disarrayed thought processes going on in my head will create a sanitised collection of ideas.  So bloggingnuala is predisposed to appear dull and introspective. 

Blogging struggles appear to be around having a voice, and having a reader.  Do I use an existing “voice” or create another one?

As for the reader? Well I’m still fairly convinced this is mygoodself 3-5 years on who will read this, apply a twaddleometer, have a good laugh, then swiftly find something interesting to do.

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2 Responses to Identity

  1. Debbi says:

    I’m loving your blog Nuala, so don’t stop!

  2. runtezza says:

    I think the key to having a blog is having a subject — then the voice and the reader kind of take care of themselves. On a previous OU course my tutor a guy called Keith Kahn-Harris had a very niche (but surprisingly interesting) blog on Jewish Metal music. I think he was (is) the world’s leading authority on same! Worth a look @

    But please do keep on doing this — you write so beautifully!

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