Much discussion this week about blogging.  One of the things that surprises me is the diversity of opinion on the value of blogs.  My starting point was “dead useful”  I am really aware that keeping up to date and checking your thinking has moved from “who you know” (circa 1990) to “who you follow” (2000).  There’s still an art in working out who to follow, but this info is much more exposed, you don’t have to be part of an in-crowd to work it out.

So, thinking about blogs I follow…quite a few are organisational blogs, communicating recent work and opportunities and some are individual blogs with a subject specific bias.  For me blog reading is a “professional activity” –  I wouldn’t bother with personal blogs about life/adventures/family….this sits in the social sphere happily in Facebook.

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  1. Dave Martin says:

    Who is your top blogger recommendation then Nuala?

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