Working up to a grrrr

I am not too sure where I have been, but until my current course had not come across a “grrr”. 

We’ve not had one for a while but whenever one appears a forum is transformed.  We wave goodbye to the standard syntax of

[serene point](ref,year)
[Intelligent point](ref,year)

And instead get

Grrr [mini rant]

A refreshing blast of full on opinion and reaction.  Fantastic!

I don’t have to agree but grrrs are my friends, they add life and normally shake me to engage a few more brain cells.

Never having grrr-ed before I feel I need a practice.  However, currently all is mellow…wait though there is one pet hate…”grrr grrr crb forms with mistake making built in grrr grrr”.

That’s better!

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