Brand Loyalties

When at the supermarket I try really hard no to spend 4 minutes deciding which washing powder to buy. Without brand loyalty I invariably feel the need to compare prices, volumes and costs per wash and it’s stressful! Its much better to rock up with “I use Persil” in my head, survey (the still unecessarily large number of Persil offerings) make a swift choice and move onto the wine section.

Sometimes choices make life more complex rather than less. Getting back to my personal-world-of-cloud I thought I was doing well. But then things are getting muddled again:

  • I’ve started messing with Evernote (which I like)
  • I’ve already had to recover OneNote notebooks following some synching (make that sinking) troubles.
  • Now my buddies tell me that Zoterro is the best thing since sliced bread

If I ponder this long enough will I come to a place of peace? Or in the world of continual-beta am I doomed to be a continual-evaluator with a restlessness attached to not being quite right? Is Persil-peace attainable?

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