Sticking up for OER (maybe)

One of the things I really wish I’d paid a bit more attention to was an undergraduate module on Statistics. I didn’t get the point of it, thought the lecturer was dull, and reserved my (newly grown up right) not to bother too much with it (which involved skipping a few lectures). Needless to say I was rewarded with a 42% shameful scraped pass.  I’ve recovered from the shock of nearly failing it, but when lovely colleagues talk about quartiles, distributions and standard errors I only “kind-of” understand what they mean.

So, on to OER:

Open Eduation Resources – lovely packages of shiny learning, freely available for the self directed learner and canny teacher (who would prefer to refine the wheel than reinvent it).

I have a classic undergraduate need “to understand statistics” – I know this is taught across a range of courses including undergrad psychology (I will deal with the joys of using SPSS with a screen reader to another post). So I think, in the land of OER,  such a nuggett must exist.

My quest begins:

First Stop:  The OU’s OpenLearn site I can find “Exploring data: graphs and numerical summaries“, this is marked “introductory” – skipping  over what is mean/median etc I may consider running throught the very last section.  For my needs I give it two stars out of 5 (**)

I’m going to skip MIT’s open courseware as I got a bit fed up with it and move straight to JORUM.  A quick search and I have a link to some very nice Xerte learning objects from University of Nottingham:

Xerte Learning Object ScreenShot

Brilliant, just what I was after – I give this five stars (*****)

To get there I needed to believe that what I was looking for existed.   Now, all I need is to drum up enough motivation to run through it.

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