Fighting off TMA gloom

After completing the ECA for H810 last year I vowed never to do another course.  One of the reasons I put forward to my employers funding H810 was to gain a “current student experience”.  What I hadn’t appreciated was that writing 6000 words would involve an full appreciation of Newcastle University’s newly refurbished 24 hour computer clusters.  (I was really surprised how many people were there at midnight, and was horrified about the lack of coffee.)  I fully remember the pain of doing it and the complete lack of head space to consider anything else than the darn ECA.

I am adept at writing reports and summaries to back up presentations and recommendations.  Bullet points are my friends.  In fact I recall 2 sides of well structured A4 to report to my boss on my previous 30 credits.  But essays – not my friends – for me these are Really Hard Work.

People suggest voice recognition software to help with such tasks.  This software is amazing and really works, but my problem it that whilst I can speak rhubarb quickly, my brain cannot compose formal text fast enough.  In the land of TMA/ECA  I  effectively write 600 words per day or about 100 words per hour (including reading time).

The reason for my gloom is that our next venture is 4000 words which I reckon will take me a concerted 40 hours …and its scheduled over two weeks which includes a bank holiday…so I either make a start at it now or give in and take annual leave.  If I try and squeeze it in around work my present grumpiness will increase as I find myself declining  more evenings out and weekend bike rides. 

Must remember to remember why I started it all.

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  1. runtezza says:

    Oh dear, have not even looked at TMA2 yet. 4k words — what a lot! Glad (well, kind of in a fellow suffering way) that others find writing such a slow process. Problem is that we do it for living! Don’t worry, it will be a breeze!!!!

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