Are we missing the horses?

Early motorcar

We spoke today in Elluminate about whether it was still relevant to compare online learning to face-to-face (f2f) learning – in our breakout group of 2 there was much agreement that its just a different thing. We thought that the online learning member of the family should now be measured and evaluated in its own right without the need to continually refer to its f2f cousin.

The motor car no longer needs to be designed in such a way that you could place two horses a the front.

Daniella asked whether, if there was a  f2f equivalent to H800, would I want to do it….  Tough question, much as I’d fancy being teleported weekly to Australia, I think the answer is (surprisingly) no.  Having got over intial forum-reading shock I’ve got strangely used to it.  My shockingly poor verbal recall – (three instructions and I am gone) makes me question whether I’d honestly get as much from f2f tutorials, especially if they were dominated by outgoing verbal types (such as myself).  I genuinely look forward to reading what people have been considering and find myself being drawn in on occasions to a deeper learning experience than I would have previously.

So yes, rah rah online learning.  Let’s leave the horsedrawn carriages to the royals – I’m for air conditioning!

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