How long is this video going to go on for?

I thought I’d have a look at video (Vodcasting/Podcasting).  We’ve been pilotting some desktop capture software so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  I appear to have come up with 4 minutes of prattle and clearly won’t be offered any jobs in documentary making.    I was also too scared to put a webcam on myself!

For those who prefer a bit of text here are the notes on which I prattled:


Capturing short video clips that could be used for a number of purposes

  • training on a bit of software.
  • additional material to support lectures or seminars.
  • providing responses to student queries.
  • giving feedback on assignments or exams.

Student’s perception of quality

If used well this could improve students perceptions of quality:

  • the medium is really good for providing a commentary while engaged in a practical skill (eg a proof, chemical reactions drawn out)
  • its informal, personable, nuances of communication (I liked our short presentations in Elluminate)

 It will work well for those who like this medium – not so well for others who enjoy text.  I provides variety in a text based world. 

But if used badly (and I could argue that I just illustrated this) it could easily put people off.  My questions would be:

  • just how long is this video?
  • what’s it about?
  • am I going to have to go through it all?
  • could they not have taken the time to write it out?

 Teachers Perception of Teaching

This could be seen as just another option for communicating and supporting f2f learning.  But there is an inevitable learning curve. It has taken me a lot longer to do this (3 takes) than it would have done to have just written about it.  I may get quicker with practice, but I still think I would need to believe that it would be of such value to students that it was worth doing.

Assumptions about Teaching and Learning

Used in this way we have primarily a broadcast method one-to-many.  But how it’s used is up to the tutor: it could for instance be used as an s an opener for comments/feedback  – so I’d suggest that its pretty neutral.

Will it change approaches to studying

No, not necessarily – it will depend on what’s around it and the effectiveness of the communication itself.

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3 Responses to How long is this video going to go on for?

  1. runtezza says:

    Bravo! Very enjoyable video. I must have a crack at this kind of thing soon.

  2. nualad says:

    Thanks Terry, I appreciate the encouragement particularly as I was about to mark it private – feeling sheepish.

  3. Angela says:

    What a blog Nuala! I’m really admired and will surely come back!

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