Blogging Uphill

Back to the learner journey… last weeks lessons were all about the acceptability of blogging and the use of individual blogs to get a bit of interaction going.  We were led to the water but did we drink?

It was complicated

  • Make sure all published blogs are added to favourite RSS reader (insert one)
  • Realise that aforementioned RSS reader will only work if blogs are published to THE WORLD
  • So logon to Moodle and navigate to 18 blogs which may or may not be empty
  • Hold in your head the points made
  • Figure out whether to leave a comment on the blog itself or to return to the forum

The complications of asynchronous life seemed to become squared.

And, to be honest I did not like the OU dictating the topic matter that I needed to commit to my blog.  Hey, this is my reflective space – gerroff.

It’s not that I mind people reading it, its just that in the land of the blog I fulfill all three major roles:  author, editor and sole-reader!

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  1. runtezza says:

    Not quite sole!

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