Technology Enhanced Displacement Activities

Computer in loft
Displacement Mission Control

I’ve been invited to the Bham Univesity alumni “25 year since graduation” get together in June.  With that comes a bit of reflection on whether my study habits have changed in any way at all over this time.

The unrealistic target for today was 1000 words towards an essay on 3 activities making up this block of H800.  Displacement activity has involved:

  • Making cups of tea (see evidence)
  • Putting all the activities to choose from on a spreadsheet so that they could be colour coded (allegedly to aid selection)
  • Surfing Facebook
  • Sending text messages
  • Putting all the headings for the essay in an outline.
  • Messing around with Blackboard 9 via Citrix
  • And, my worst misdemenour writing in this blog

Apart from the tea making, none of these other displacement activities were availailable to me in 1986.  (No computer, no mobile phone, no facebook, no blog.)

I conclude that I have developed my faffing skills and that the affordances of technology enable me to execute faffing in a deep rather than surface manner.

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  1. runtezza says:

    I think your faffing sounds as if it might be strategic, rather than surface or deep, and on this evidence you might even be a member of Generation Faff whose learning needs are different. Well done on all the tea — at least you go something useful done! Perhaps we should collaborate on a longitudinal survey of student experience of kettle technology?

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