It’s your own holiday…

Up a big hiil 

I had a very fine holiday in Italy a few years back with cycling buddy V. We went to one of the “bike hotels” offering the following recipie: take holiday makers out on a guided bike ride at 9:30; get them back in time for an enormous buffet at 2pm; give them a few hours for R&R and finally – feed them a four course meal. Having been handed a carbon bike on day 1 with compact chainset V and I eyed up our fellow holiday makers and realised we were a little out of our depth. We just didn’t cut it on the lycra front, nor did we appear to have the right attitude towards excess baggage. Proper cyclists do not expect to have bags on their bikes to carry their stuff and instead cram bananas into shirt pockets and take arm warmers (think tights for arms). We attached ourselves to the least ambitious end of the three groups availabel and off we went, at what appeared to be quite a pace. Our guide Brigette had a mantra “do try to keep up”, we flagged and would have been discouraged but for a cheery new friend who whispered subversively “it’s your holiday”. We settled into a more relaxed mindset and had a great time.

I think of this as TMA2 has been submitted, it’s not going to win any awards, but its a good record of some of the things that I have picked up on my H800 journey.  Now, if my study skills were a bit more advanced, if this wasn’t the first time I was finding my way around e-journals, and if I was conversant with Prensky et al  then maybe I could go a bit deeper.  But hey, there is life to be lived, work to be delivered, and there will be time to revisit the bits that are relevant, just the same way that those Italian moutains are still there and maybe next time I’ll take my own arm warmers.

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  1. runtezza says:

    Well done on waving TMA2 off into the sunset. I found it all a bit disturbing! You look very impressive in your cycling gear — is that San Gimigniano?

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