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OK its not the best start – reclining on the sofa with a glass of wine, my new tablet toy, and a vague idea that I should be undertaking activity a5 “finding out about mobile practices”.  The result, a leisure mindset, which brings about some fruitful reading of blogs and interesting rabbit trails, but its hardly ‘on task’.

At my weekend Uni reunion we swapped notes on ‘nodding off in lectures’.  Personally, I had never experienced the head noding need-to-lie-in-a-darkened-room feeling before HE.  But the 2pm lecture on ‘graphics’ always did it.

In most other spheres of life you have a choice:  you can pull into the service station for a nap; you can turn off a boring TV programme; but stuck 5 people in on the third row in LG07 you are CAPTIVE.  Add to this the thought of a back channel and I can only anticipate disaster.  Bored and frustrated, surely most reasonable people would turn to mischief.

Can twitter enliven a lecture? I maintain that this is the wrong question…what is the lecture for? If it has passed its sell by date lets kill it off (along with its dull church based equivalent – the sermon) and replace it with something else.

Now I wonder is my tendency to browse outside the curriculum influenced by the device I use?  Am I more on task sat up than sprawled out, does form factor and posture set me into an idle mindset?

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  1. runtezza says:

    Tweeting during a sermon is probably a mortal sin.

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