But I wanted a Blackberry!

What happens when you lend 20 people a chunky smartphone around 2007?  Well it seems that lots of them just don’t “take to it” and don’t put their SIM in it, some become enthusiastic users, and some revert to their own phone before the end of 6 months.

Now this seems all a bit obvious – these things are Personal Mobile  devices.  Does the image of this thing fit who I am?   Will it fit in my jacket pocket?  Can you actually use it as an …err…phone.  Anyway even with just over half actually using the thing, it still seems to be possible to make some claims about how people learned (!)  Informal lunchtime clubs worked for some and seemed preferable to having an IT boffin taking over and adding confusion.  A bit of peer support works nicely – just like our roving students with ipads in the library helping their peers around the library catalogue.

Its a chunky one

Qtech a Yorkie Bar of phones

So what of helping others out?  I’ve given up trying to pretend that I know everything so I would be in the “lets see if we can work this out together” camp.  The peer clubs are a nice idea and will help some, but you do need to round up a bunch of people at a specific time, and its high risk if no-one turns up.  It’s probably better to do some nice guides, make sure people know where these are and then get them to support each other.

I’m not surprised that iPhone holding staff/students who are using 3G when most of their day is in a free wireless zone when I look at instructions that are a bit involved.

Anyway, having had the equivalent of an e-corridor chat with TOS this am, I’m aware of the WP->Twitter connection and now need help getting it to work…

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  1. runtezza says:

    In your ‘create new post’ blog view there should be a load of things on the left hand menu. Buried in the bottom left corner is ‘Settings’ which should reveal various things including ‘Sharing’. You can then push your great thoughts out to the world via Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo updates and or Messenger Connect (whatever they are!). Enjoyed Elluminating with you!

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