Redefining normal
I have a minor association with the stars of this week’s Northern Grid awards – Woodlawn school (were I am a one of the school governors).

Wednesday saw a day of interviews for the headship, so between observing assemblies, listening to the pupil panel ask scary questions and delivering a few later in the day myself, we chatted about the normal Woodlawn-esq things that were going on.  Pupils were welcoming a new Polish student to the school community by using Google translate on one of the school ipads, and it appeared that KS3 were still pretty excited by the reciprocal project to redesign the toilets in their e-twinned school.  Furthermore one of the pupils been so incensed by an MP’s daft comments on disabled employees that he had posted a video on YouTube.  Technology is just a normal part of school life, its used every day to enhance all kinds of activities without fuss or fanfare.

I do not see learning bounded by 4 walls, nor do I have any doubts that these young people are being fully prepared for life beyond school.  Oh yes and did I mention that this is a special needs school?

So well done Woodlawn! As ever inspirational.  We have much to learn from the successes of your pupils.

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