Personal Learning Environments

Nuala's PLE (2011)
A representation of my PLE

Here’s an attempt to work out what on earth my PLE is like. Its a required (H800) task, but one I have been looking forward to doing! It gives a chance to see how I am doing on my goal to make 2011 my personal year of cloud.

I enjoyed having a look at some example PLE diagrams with my favourite being Dallas McPheeters.  I’ve gone for an app and devices type approach.

I’ve popped my devices in a blob on the left hand side as a bit of a blur, the tools I’ve opted to use mean that I can get at stuff from phone/PC/tablet (and anyone else’s PC), so I am developing into a good m-learner!

Overall, this diagram may give the false illusion of organisation.  Sadly not, there is a lot of stuff in Google Reader that is starred that just stays there, there are too many interesting tweets to follow and OneNote SkyDrive notebooks are really just a repostory for my more clearly stated learning tasks (e.g. making it through H800 whilst maintaining saninty).   My work email remains as email groups, knowledgeable colleagues, and electronic newsletters still have a big part in information I consume and debates I contribute to.  There is no Facebook….it is useful for learning about holidays, parties and strange things friends are doing.  But I have it parked very much in a social sphere, although you will see that my personal gmail account just sneaks in.  And, I’ve also given a bit of prominence to blogs to capture some of the things I am musing about – writing it down clarifies and focusses thought.

The diagram doesn’t look that good here probably better via GoogleDocs

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