m-learning and accessibility ironies

Preparing for a weekend trip to Amsterdam I squirreled away this week’s reading so that I could get at it.  It did not occur to me to print it out – that would have resulted in a pile of crumpled paper, a set of indecipherable notes and a jumble of things to put in the pending filing stack (yes: last in first out).  I pondered the devices to take and given a lack of knowledge on Wifi capability I opted to go simple and do ebook and smartphone, but stuck everything in Dropbox as well just in case.

Of all things, the only thing that I could not read on my phone was the RTF.  Now I have not gone mad installing stuff onto the phone, but those nice people at HTC seem to have ensured that .pdf, .html, and .doc(x) are all things that *most people* will wish to read.  They, clearly don’t have the same conviction about .rtf.  In fact I can’t remember the last time someone asked me for one.  It does make a bit of a mockery of putting more than two formats of a thing on a website.  I then zoomed and fiddled with the things on a tiny screen, contemplating how good accessible practice is when you are resticted with a tiny screen.


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