Rather shockingly I have not been to work since the end of July.  A holiday, one scheduled operation then, during recovery, a perforated appendix and a second operation.  In total 6 days in hospital, 10 staples and the same number of stitches. That means much “ouch” and a lot of snoozing and cloud gazing, with minimal brain space for much else.

Over the course of H800 I’ve been tempted to take a deeper step into Twitter, resulting in yet more blogs subscribed to in Google Reader (and a number shared). While I have been off I have had lots of time to follow Twitter rabbit trails and ponder blog posts.  Its helped maintain an veneer of connectedness, even though I have been a net consumer rather than contributor.

I had an abortive trip to Alt-C in Leeds and dutifully filled out my details on the Crowdvine Social Media site which ran alongside the event.  Here’s an excellent graphic illustrating the Twitter connections at work (Psychemedia/Tony Hirst) clearly showing those with greatest “online presence”.

altc2011 tweeps - colour follower count, node size betweenness centrality

Other occupational therapy has involved further forays into the land of cloud: connecting my personal domain name to google apps; generating a tiny “holding” webpage; and having a little go with Google blogspot (a rehab theme) partly to compare blogging engines but mainly to  amuse me and my concerned family.

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2 Responses to Connections

  1. Angela says:

    Hi Nuala, glad to see you’re getting better and even blog posting!!!
    I love Twitter to the point I prefer posting urls there rather than in Diigo…it seems a lot faster and more socially “connected”…
    Best regards from a still very busy peer!!
    Angela :-))

  2. runtezza says:

    Nice to see you back on the blog. I have cooled off a bit on Twitter of late, but will no doubt get back into it. Continue to love Google reader and will subscribe thence to your online convalescence so as not to miss a moment of your return to health!

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