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Exploring Creative Commons

For week3 I’m being asked to consider what CC license I would give to my bloggings. Now here is the problem: whilst some of my blog posts are squeaky clean, others incorporate pictures and text that I have purloined from … Continue reading

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Frustrations with OER (or am I just LAZY?)

I’ve spent a couple of hours so far evaluating resources for my mythical 5 week digital skills course.  Here are some of my frustrations: What looks to be a good resource is ruined by some contextual information that means I … Continue reading

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Aiming to beat My Brownie Record

I am feeling slightly less under-badged! I lasted about 6 weeks in Brownies aged 7 before I got fed up with being bossed around by the overbearing pack leader of the Leprechauns and left with only “House Orderly” and “Cycling Proficiency”, … Continue reading

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3 Issues for OER (adoption, copyright, funding)

//A few notes on the articles I selected from CloudWorks  // Adoption of OERs Wilson and McAndrew (2009) present  a small study of responses to OpenLearn from interviews and discussions with 6 academics drawn from 5 institutions in UK, South … Continue reading

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Challenges for OER – useful resources

Cl-Olnet Evidence Hub.  It list a number of key challenges, but the clever bit is there are some ideas attached too.  I’ll be back and McGill, L., Falconer, I., Littlejohn, A. and Beetham, H. JISC/HE Academy OER Programme: Phase 3 … Continue reading

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Spending ££ on OER Research

For me, the greatest promise of OER lies in its ability to give access to education in arenas where it would otherwise be unthinkable.  My first ideas would be to research: The effectiveness of OER to support or deliver learning … Continue reading

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Learning Creativity and Fun

I’ve had a good old fiddle around this weekend getting myself all Tooled up (80%)and have spend a bit of time pondering the course materials (20%).  Although I still feel slightly out of control on a “Digital Literacy black run” I … Continue reading

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