ooooh it’s MOOC time

bananasIn spite of pinning my friends against a wall and telling them “please shoot me if I ever think about studying again” I do appear to have signed myself up to another OU module H817 which includes H817open.  Predictably this has led to an increase in late nights, and crazy practice of taking annual leave to battle with Harvard referencing.  Family and friends are giving me exasperated “told-you-so” looks.  As further proof that I have gone bananas I appear to have paid to do this Open course!

Good news is that now I am in the study mode, I feel I have a bit more chance to join the elite who complete a MOOC, my prior exploits on Change11 left me overwhelmed with content and connections and I left the confusion to become reaquainted with all things social.

Today I’m getting geared up for starting on a MOOC, but at work we’ve been finding a bit more about MOOCs in an event #unitemooc.  We had excellent presentations from Sheila MacNeil from JISC CETIS (Great Prezi ) [Must read CETIS: MOOCS and Education] and also heard from Sian Bayne on the Edinburgh Digital Cultures #edcmooc

Here are some of the bullet points I rammed into Evernote (far too much of a luddite to be able to live tweet)

  • You the learner decice if you are sucessful
  • Peer assessment – do your peers have the skills?
  • No signals that people are stuggling
  • Lots of MOOCs by Educators for Educators….MOOCs have yet to prove themselves as a vehicle for those disenfanchised by Education
  • xMOOCs are where you watch videos cMOOCs are where you make them (@marksmithers)
  • cMOOCs require a high level of digital literacy skills
  • Be cautious when it is Pearsons telling us that HE is broken (maybe they have an interest?)
  • Don’t analyse drop out rates like you do on standard courses.  Students will engage till they meet their learning goals (it’s reverse recruitment!)

Let the Openness commence  I’ve got #h817open in HootSuite, am blundering around in Google+ and have dusted off my blog….wonder if I’ll get any badges?

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