Learning Creativity and Fun


I’ve had a good old fiddle around this weekend getting myself all Tooled up (80%)and have spend a bit of time pondering the course materials (20%).  Although I still feel slightly out of control on a “Digital Literacy black run” I have a sense this is going to be stimulating and enjoyable.  It all seems so much less serious than “formal h817“, is this because we are a wider bunch of folk and many of us are here for fun?  When the objective is to meet your own objectives rather than those of the Curriculum learning seems to be much more like exploratory play.  I’ve dipped into the formal forum on OpenLearn but feel markedly more comfortable with the Google+ community – this seems like an online place to visit with a glass of wine. On the basis of my study of one the design of online spaces does appear to set the tone and influence interaction.

I was struck by the way Weller linked creativity to openness, and although I made a Prezi others have done stonkingly brilliant things which, more than text could, have caused me to ponder the different emphasis that we have each drawn from one reading.  There is real power in communicating ideas in a variety of forms.

I’m not on my way to being an Open Scholar, but I do need to crack on with the journey of being an Open Professional.  Talking about Networks Weller writes “The open scholar deliberately mixes personal and professional observations in order to be an effective communicator within these networks, and does not seek to keep them distinct”.  This blurring is a present challenge – hence it’s part in my intro piece.  Related to this, I’m trying to work out how I would describe myself.  I’m clearly not a Digital Native (I did O Levels), I’m beyond a Digital Visitor, and I don’t want to become a Digital Resident.  What I do want to be able to do though is to live my real life, ride my bike, eat meals with my family, have fun, and also be able to live an authentic on-line life, be equally at ease with digital culture and have fun messing with new tools toys and technologies.  The journey begins….

Tooled up:

  • New to Feedly – handling feeds from H817 buddies
  • New to Google+
  • HootSuite set up for #H817Open
  • Fiddle with ThingLink
  • First proper Prezi & embedded in WP!
  • Bookmarks to OpenLearn (these have clearly failed)
  • Android course app installed
  • Blog Registered
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