Aiming to beat My Brownie Record


I am feeling slightly less under-badged! I lasted about 6 weeks in Brownies aged 7 before I got fed up with being bossed around by the overbearing pack leader of the Leprechauns and left with only “House Orderly” and “Cycling Proficiency”, to this I’ve managed to add a camp badge from a recent guide camp (I was Luton Van Driver).

So today, I am worryingly pleased to now have an ‘OER Understanding’  badge, now what exactly do I do with a Mozilla backpack?  I’d quite like to tweet about it, but that seems so un-cool!

I wasn’t too sure I’d got the right idea on Activity7, nor did I feel particularly that the thing was finished (hence no desire to post to forums) but hey in the land of MOOC I am empowered to decide how, when and what I learn.  I’ve a visitor this weekend and I’d like to crack on with the rest of the week’s activities (X) then dip into the conversations (C).  Good enough can be good enough!

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