A quick look at DS106

I had a look at Digital Storytelling http://ds106.us  via it’s website and a few papers.  Here’s some blurb, before I try and do a comparison with something a little more staid!

The course started off as a face to face course at  University of Mary Washington (UMW), but was opened up in January 2011.   It is now used by a number of universities and has more than 1200 open online participants.  The DS106 site shows considerable ongoing activity, students can for example choose to follow the daily create  @ds106dc on Twitter for a 15-20 minute challenge.

From the site you can find a rich set of tutorial and toolbox resources, an aggregated blog feed, links to the twitter stream, and assessment bank.  The assessment bank is interesting in that these are student submitted and have difficulty ratings.  Students choose assignments from the categories offered (e.g. Audio Dream Stories) and can contribute tutorials on how to complete them.  Assignments have difficulty ratings (shown as stars) and students are instructed to do a certain number of stars work on their blogs each week.  Student’s blogs are aggregated and showcased at http://ds106.us/flow

There are no video lectures.  Open students are welcome to engage with parts that interest them. There is no logon the main channel of communication is via the #ds106 hashtag on Twitter.  To participate students need to use a number of 3rd party products: Gravitar, Twitter, flickr, Gmail, SoundCloud and ideally a personal blog.   Students can proceed at their own pace, or ideally follow a class syllabus (e.g. UMW Spring 2013 Syllabus)

DS106 looks less like a course and more like a living breathing community at work.  It is interesting that when DS106 needed a new server a crowd-funding website was used to generate more than required amount in 24 hours.

Alan Levine (2013) DS106: Not a Course, Not Like Any MOOC

Steve Kolowich (2012) Proto-MOOC Stays the Course

Jim Groom (2012) DS106: the Open Online Community of Digital Storytellers

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