MOOC Week3 Reflections

Here are a few things that have been rattling through my head this week:
London to Brighton bike ride

Should a MOOC be an OER too?  That’s one of the values of the current Open Education MOOC, but from a learner point of view the eventedness of the MOOC, the shared journey and the discussions are what makes it interesting.  As a solitary learner I could, I suppose, plod through the materials, but without the chance to have someone comment on my grownup example of a picture on the fridge I think I’d quickly lose motivation.   John B talked about MOOC as mass bike ride – I know from experience that a crowd can get you up Ditchling Beacon.  My initial thought would be that openness of the MOOC resources would be of more value to teachers considering the subject and looking for resources, or for students that just wanted to find a few helpful tips – but I so doubt that you’d do the whole course.  Will future students be able to get badges? or is this just on offer for the presentation of the course?

Unfortunate Assessment Skew Like my H817 peers I have 1 weekend and 3 evenings at the end of the MOOC to generate 3,000 (correctly referenced) words. I can of course have a bit more time to do this if I duck out of the last week’s badge activity or take annual leave .

The ethos of MOOC is affected by this, we’ve read about MOOCs as learner centric vehicles.  It’s OK for me to come with my learning objectives and interests and I have permission to engage with the materials to the extent of my interests, to connect with others to pursue these, and if inappropriate to duck out when my objectives are met.   Sadly this means that instead of following the trails of most interest I am instead attempting to squirrel away resources and ideas that will make the pain of essay writing more tolerable.  Admittedly as someone who has chosen to do this alongside a full time job this is my problem, something I have to manage – but I do feel that my MOOC experience is impoverished as a result.

Tutored Students on a MOOC:  I had a good chuckle when I read Weller’s Amnesimooc post.  He compares standard production/support models for online courses with MOOCs and suggests at the end that we could come full circle with tutored MOOCs reinventing current practice.  Ey Up! we are here already – am I not that fee paying tutored student?  I did cheekily wonder if we should have had a 7/30ths discount on H817 but now I’m really not concerned.  I’ve had such good value from MOOCing, it’s been great entering it with a home team, and I know that there is a good safety net if I were lost.

Splendid, that’s off my chest, now onto Week4.

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  1. Yikes, is it only one weekend and three evenings after the MOOC for the next assessment? {sigh}. And we are paying for the extra pain of writing a formal essay after the MOOC. Open Education contradictions – love it 🙂

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