Open Digital Literacies

Digital literacies help us thrive in an digital world.  What are those skills and attributes that are essential to thrive in an open online world?  Here’s my list:

Open to new approaches and applications  – ICT Literacy

  • Confident to select, learn and evaluate new software tools (and discard the old!)
  • evaluate and use social media and social networks

Thrive and learn in Abundance Information and Learning Literacy

  • Find, interpret, evaluate, organise, manipulate, share and record information, 
  • Filter and evaluate in abundance
  • Use digital tools to support critical thinking (blogs, curation, bookmarking)
  • Identify and reflect on personal learning goals

Network and Collaborate – (cf Cormier’s steps for success – Orient, Declare, Network, Cluster and Focus)

  • Develop an online identity and positive digital footprint
  • Have confidence in the value of your contribution
  • Build a network, generate online-social capital
  • Choose and create suitable media, use appropriate language
  • Collaborate on outputs, participate in online sessions

Digital Scholarship

  • Create and publish work openly
  • Reuse and repurpose openly available content
  • Understand and protect IPR and copyright

I can see from a surface reading of work on Digital Literacies that there are as many perspectives as there are definitions of pedagogy.  I did, however, appreciate the graphic and words from SeedPod which is well worth a browse, I’ve reused some of it above.


Creative Commons License
Image above from SeedPod

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5 Responses to Open Digital Literacies

  1. Nat Nelson says:

    Love the way you set this out and especially the diagram. A useful little reference.

  2. I like the inclusion of attitude and identity in addition to the actual technical skills.

    • NualaD says:

      Thanks for your comments. I was challenged to think about attitude and identity back in week1 when we considered openness – I’ve come to see how these are foundational to making connections that have to have some element of social. For me its a real challenge when my natural tendency is to be self-censoring

      • Paige Cuffe says:

        Nuala i’ve wondered about this elsewherere too, do you see this as something that can be developed or learned – like a skill – irrespective of personality?

      • NualaD says:

        Yes Paige I don’t think personality needs to be an inhibitor, but we need to be able to understand the tangible benefits, and catch the underlying values. (my feeling being that values can be transmitted in the context of a community bound by honour and respect – if students really are co-creators and co-collaborators then this is easier). I’ve been lurking on #Octel and watched Helen Beetham’s presentation from Wednesday yesterday evening and was really interested to see digital literacies mapped as a hierarchy the top level are still behaviours, but you can see that values underpin these. It’s something I’d like to delve into a bit more in a spare moment.

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