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Testing Times

Onto the use of MCQs used formatively.  I enjoyed reading Ekins (2007) discussion of OpenMark and took up the encouragement to have a go…. happily mis-reading the scales on graphs on their test questions in “how’s your mathematics“. Lots of … Continue reading

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Assessment – where the rubber hits the road

Welcome Block 4.  Nice to have made it here…. Earlier on this week I sat in on some facilitated discussions around e-assessment.  We were asked to think about what assessment would look like in 10 years time: a range of … Continue reading

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Bleatings on Block 3

I am very happy, Block3 and it’s TMA has been dispatched and I have been ruminating in a contented sheep like way.   My team’s Learning Design Studio experiences have been shoehorned into an 800 word summary and I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

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Laughter and red wine

Laughter and red wine are, as I see, the only answer to block 3. We have had a spirited crack at it but it has been at cost. I have had various moans about it off-blogg, but with the end … Continue reading

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