Going 3 sides round a rectangle


What a glorious idea FutureLearn – to construct courses on the basis of 4 hours study a week – I need something to do now that The Great British BakeOff has ended and I still have a slight Post H817 void.  It’s been fun to start a gentle 7 week journey with the UniOfReading on FutureLearn – to grapple with a bit of JAVA.

The good:

  • Like the platform, nice and clean, not too much going on, works neatly on mobile or desktop
  • Friendly approachable videos
  • I did (sadly) enjoy sliding the sliders to check off when I had done a bit
  • Lots of great peer support going on even on day one

The not so good

  • (Personal preference warning:) I do hate trying to follow long video instructions!  Video is such a good medium for overview but then I really want a static list of things to do.  I was hopeful about the transcript…it got me a certain distance until “copy these files to here” …then it was back to pausing and restarting the video.
  • Muddle: unsurprisingly I got into exactly the same sort of muddle I got into circa 1983.  This is nothing to do with the course delivery – more my personal wiring which appears not to have improved significantly since I battled with Pascal on CP/M.  A major difference this time though is that undoubtedly my muddle and thrice re-visitation of the video will be recorded for future analysis.

So that’s week 1 done in about the length of time it would take me to cook a carrot cake and clear up.  Seems like I still have enough time to watch “Strictly: It Takes Two”.

(With apologies to Simon Nelson “Going into an online environment to learn is fun, social, an alternative to television“)

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