Forum fatigue

A very rainy day today so a great excuse not to go out and engage instead with some Sofa browsing.  I am supposed to be finishing off week 11 of an MA module.  You can imagine the format (read this 5000 word academic paper, categorise it, critique it, take notes on a 20 minute podcast….. total study time 11 hours).  Our cohort of students have been invited to share thoughts in a module wide forum, but no one has taken up the challenge -It’s  easter and we are a bit weary.  In spite of the fact that I do believe in social constructivism, I’ve adopted strategic view: engage to understand and get through the content with an eye for the next assignment.  

The other thing is I have been really distracted by Udacity’s EDA course and I’ve been dipping in to a few Futurelearn courses and enjoying the banter. I love the fact that even without a call to action the courses I am on will have 200+ comments, and when a discussion question is posed you see 1000 posts, skipping to those most liked gives an insight into what’s going on and the learning.  The contrast is sharp,  my 30 credit OU journey can be likened to boot camp, with regular long distance runs and pressure to keep up. Meanwhile there’s a joyful freedom about learning about things you are interested in, at your pace with others who are there for the fun.  I’m looking forward to returning to being a self directed learner. Two months, two essays and I am done!

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