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Normal is hard to define, and silly to aspire to.  As my sister-in-law puts it “normal is a setting on the dishwasher”. Let me take you back to last year.  I met with one of our blind students ….and together we … Continue reading

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Valuing Disengagement

If we only measure the obvious we  fail to capture value… I’ve been reflecting on this as I’ve been casting an eye over graphs and stats for our nclmoocs – considering how my own activity would be measured. For me … Continue reading

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ex-Loft Dweller

For me the best thing about my OU study journey has been the great bunch of practitioners that I’ve journeyed with; from UK, Eire, Germany, Spain, Australia, Africa, Switzerland.  Each module brought a different group together and each person generously gave … Continue reading

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Blobby Thoughts on MOOCs

Of late I have been pondering how different learning communities behave and about valid ways of describing their dimensions and attributes.  Here’s this morning’s idea, refined over lunch time chips with ever patient colleagues. Here’s my question: is a MOOC more like a … Continue reading

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Forum fatigue

A very rainy day today so a great excuse not to go out and engage instead with some Sofa browsing.  I am supposed to be finishing off week 11 of an MA module.  You can imagine the format (read this … Continue reading

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Learning Life 2014 begins

And we’re off…this week has seen for me the start of 2 study adventures “Practice Based Research in Educational Technology” (30 OU Masters Credits) and the first week and a half of Coursera’s “Future of (mostly) Higher Education“.  My head … Continue reading

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Across the Steep – of MOOCs and Skiing

  I’ve enjoyed a most excellent time in Morzine skiing.  My long-suffering-friends have endured me waxing lyrically over vin chaud, as I didn’t quite manage to leave my education hat at Uni.   I couldn’t help but draw analogies between … Continue reading

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