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Bootstrapping Badges

This week for me has included some reading on badges (building up to an EMA), and I couldn’t resist penning a few informal words on the way. Firstly well done Mozilla on a brilliant job “bootstrapping” OpenBadges. Secondly Huzzah! to OU … Continue reading

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Taking a learner Viewpoint

The focus of REAP was to “re-engineer” assessment practices.  While individual academics and can bring about positive changes through adjustments to individual modules it is clear that to harnessing a broader set of principles (and indeed they are meant to … Continue reading

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Constructors of Feedback

It has been difficult to focus on studying when it has been so wonderfully warm here in Blighty. However, OpenMentor and our forum discussions have got me thinking. While I see some benefits in the “let’s do feedback better” focus … Continue reading

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Measuring the measurable

In October 2009, 23 years after my undergraduate exploits, it wasn’t so much that I was rusty as a student, it was more that I was completely clueless about what was expected at this level. (Software Engineering circa 1986 made … Continue reading

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Driving Learning?

“assessment sometimes appears to be, at one and the same time, enormously expensive, disliked by both students and teachers, and largely ineffective in supporting learning” (Gibbs and Simpson, 2004). One of my frequent thoughts when I labour over piece of … Continue reading

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Testing Times

Onto the use of MCQs used formatively.  I enjoyed reading Ekins (2007) discussion of OpenMark and took up the encouragement to have a go…. happily mis-reading the scales on graphs on their test questions in “how’s your mathematics“. Lots of … Continue reading

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Assessment – where the rubber hits the road

Welcome Block 4.  Nice to have made it here…. Earlier on this week I sat in on some facilitated discussions around e-assessment.  We were asked to think about what assessment would look like in 10 years time: a range of … Continue reading

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