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Laughter and red wine

Laughter and red wine are, as I see, the only answer to block 3. We have had a spirited crack at it but it has been at cost. I have had various moans about it off-blogg, but with the end … Continue reading

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Week 5: of viruses and knotweed

Sorry Week 5, I’ve not done you justice. I’ve been floored with a chest infection and trying to do anything on the study line was just a bit too hard.  I’ve dipped in and out of blogs, tweets, watched a … Continue reading

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Week 4 Reflection: Outed as a fan of MOOCs

Some ponderings on the differences between “formal” online learning modules I have been on so far, and my MOOC experiences to date.   This is of-course drawn only from my rather limited experience of both! I added the video (11/5) … Continue reading

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Initial thoughts on PLNs

This seems a bit too worryingly straightforward.  Here’s my definition: Your Personal Learning Network is the distributed and present network of people that you connect and collaborate with with the aim of developing and sharing  knowledge, learning and expertise. Teams … Continue reading

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Revisiting Computer Science with Udacity

To go along with my DS106 exploration I signed up to Udacity “Web Development CS253”.  This is one of 22 courses that I counted on the course catalogue.   I had a browse around, watched a few short videos interspersed with … Continue reading

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A quick look at DS106

I had a look at Digital Storytelling  via it’s website and a few papers.  Here’s some blurb, before I try and do a comparison with something a little more staid! The course started off as a face to face … Continue reading

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Sustainability Models

Wiley (2007) describes sustainability as continuing operations and accomplishing goals.  For OER projects this will involve the infrastructure, the renewal of content and the reuse by the intended beneficiaries.   Before discussing models he points out that discovering sustainable models may … Continue reading

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