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Constructors of Feedback

It has been difficult to focus on studying when it has been so wonderfully warm here in Blighty. However, OpenMentor and our forum discussions have got me thinking. While I see some benefits in the “let’s do feedback better” focus … Continue reading

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Revisiting Computer Science with Udacity

To go along with my DS106 exploration I signed up to Udacity “Web Development CS253”.  This is one of 22 courses that I counted on the course catalogue.   I had a browse around, watched a few short videos interspersed with … Continue reading

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MOOC Week3 Reflections

Here are a few things that have been rattling through my head this week: Should a MOOC be an OER too?  That’s one of the values of the current Open Education MOOC, but from a learner point of view the … Continue reading

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Aiming to beat My Brownie Record

I am feeling slightly less under-badged! I lasted about 6 weeks in Brownies aged 7 before I got fed up with being bossed around by the overbearing pack leader of the Leprechauns and left with only “House Orderly” and “Cycling Proficiency”, … Continue reading

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Learning Creativity and Fun

I’ve had a good old fiddle around this weekend getting myself all Tooled up (80%)and have spend a bit of time pondering the course materials (20%).  Although I still feel slightly out of control on a “Digital Literacy black run” I … Continue reading

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ooooh it’s MOOC time

In spite of pinning my friends against a wall and telling them “please shoot me if I ever think about studying again” I do appear to have signed myself up to another OU module H817 which includes H817open.  Predictably this has … Continue reading

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