Equivalence and a PetchaKucha Challenge

This weekend has seen me happily engaged in the creation of a PetchaKucha (my first!)

I’ve seen 1 “live” and watched one online ….here’s the recipe I’ve used to work up a draft…

  • Work out that I need about an 800-1000 wordcount (MAX)
  • Generate some ideas on a trusty mindmap
  • Dictate my way around my map creating a script (Dragon NaturallySpeaking is grand for this)
  • Sigh at having too much content
  • Generate 20 slides and reorder ideas
  • Use Audacidy to generate 20 second chunks
  • Add the exported mp3 to the timed powerpoint
  • Generate bullet points for my speaker notes

….now all I need to do is practice.

Which leads me to think about “equivalence” – methinks this task has to be equivalent (in at least time) to writing and referencing 1200 words.  Goodness knows how you would mark it though!

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