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Social coaching II

One of my colleagues was looking over my shoulder as I struggled to work out a software problem.  “do you always bring up task manager like that?” He asked.  I was then astounded to find out that there was a … Continue reading

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Social Coaching

Last week I foolishly went to one of our PC clusters between 530 and 730pm.  It was unproductive as there was lots of noise in the lead up to exams (I should have stayed at my desk and risked setting … Continue reading

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Technology Enhanced Displacement Activities

Displacement Mission Control I’ve been invited to the Bham Univesity alumni “25 year since graduation” get together in June.  With that comes a bit of reflection on whether my study habits have changed in any way at all over this … Continue reading

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Be your own Vignette

With apologies to JISC PB-LXP Jane is in her 40s and has recently moved into Learning Technologist role.  She’s persuaded her employers to support her on a course with the OU looking at “Technology Enhanced Learning”.  She works full time … Continue reading

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Blogging Uphill

Back to the learner journey… last weeks lessons were all about the acceptability of blogging and the use of individual blogs to get a bit of interaction going.  We were led to the water but did we drink? It was complicated … Continue reading

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How long is this video going to go on for?

I thought I’d have a look at video (Vodcasting/Podcasting).  We’ve been pilotting some desktop capture software so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  I appear to have come up with 4 minutes of prattle and clearly won’t be offered … Continue reading

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Are we missing the horses?

We spoke today in Elluminate about whether it was still relevant to compare online learning to face-to-face (f2f) learning – in our breakout group of 2 there was much agreement that its just a different thing. We thought that the … Continue reading

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