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mLearning from an early age

Last week I read Towards a Theory of Mobile Learning which cleverly superimposes learner and technology layers onto an activity system and considers the interplay between these. I lost the plot a a bit early on though with the astounding … Continue reading

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Redefining normal I have a minor association with the stars of this week’s Northern Grid awards – Woodlawn school (were I am a one of the school governors). Wednesday saw a day of interviews for the headship, so between observing assemblies, … Continue reading

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But I wanted a Blackberry!

What happens when you lend 20 people a chunky smartphone around 2007?  Well it seems that lots of them just don’t “take to it” and don’t put their SIM in it, some become enthusiastic users, and some revert to their … Continue reading

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Back chat [off topic]

OK its not the best start – reclining on the sofa with a glass of wine, my new tablet toy, and a vague idea that I should be undertaking activity a5 “finding out about mobile practices”.  The result, a leisure … Continue reading

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Unstuck in a land of plenty

I have e-constipation.  More blog posts, emails and tweets than I can handle in the spare moments that I have to browse them.  There’s a real danger of spending more time consuming and filtering information than there is to actually … Continue reading

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Bye Bye VLE?

Weller “using learning enviroments as a metaphor for educational change”.  In a nutshelll….when new technologies arrive we tend to use them in old ways.  So, the current generation of VLEs are built to replicate a centralised virtual university.  You rock … Continue reading

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Ripening Technozealots

This week a number of alarmist readings from last century about the commodisisation of education, the mindless adoption of technology, and the challenge of control moving from faculty to admin. For me though a chance to chortle about the changing … Continue reading

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