ex-Loft Dweller


For me the best thing about my OU study journey has been the great bunch of practitioners that I’ve journeyed with; from UK, Eire, Germany, Spain, Australia, Africa, Switzerland.  Each module brought a different group together and each person generously gave of their insight, struggles, support and humour – egging each other on the journey.  I had no idea at the outset how rich and interesting online learning could be, nor the degree to which you could get sucked into near-residency of online learning spaces.

Some clever assignments have caused me to think much more deeply about things than my self-directed efforts would have ever taken me. Very little of it has been dull, my main problem being the nature of cramming study around full time work.  The last assignment of H809 went in early this week, so I am now freed from the weekly studying to-do-list.

Time to leave the desk in the loft, find those walking boots, oil that bike and hang out with mates!



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